About Us
Student Health OUTreach of Lancaster County (SHOUT) is invested teens and adults working together to reduce teen pregnancy in Lancaster County by providing information, advocacy and comprehensive education for youth on wellness and healthy relationships.

Our goals are as follows:
1. To encourage and support the increase of quality prevention services
2. To educate the community about the need to use a wide variety of strategies to promote positive health.
3. To secure recognition by community leaders of the need to allocate resources to promote positive health.
4. To advocate for:
   comprehensive sexuality education using abstinence-based strategies
   to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections
   drug and alcohol abuse prevention among school-aged youth
   healthy parent/child, peer and dating relationships for youth



Join Us
Do you want to join our amazing group of caring adults and teens who want to create change in our community?  Do you want to invest your time and talents in teens?  Do you want to help mentor teens and help them make educated, informed choices? If yes, then SHOUT may just be the group for you!

Our focus is on teen pregnancy prevention, but we also strive to educate youth on drug and alcohol awareness, tobacco awareness as well as healthy relationships and more.

All community members are welcome to attend our meetings to see what we're all about...For more information on meeting times and topics visit our [events] page.

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